• Jan 12

All About Woven Fabrics!

Woven Construction 

How is woven fabric made? 

Woven fabrics are made using a loom. Threads or yarns are placed and attached together using a warp and weft pattern. 

The 'Selvedge' of a plain weave fabric is the woven edge where the threads 'turn the corner'. The Selvedge is usually tighter than the rest of the fabric to protect the edge, so it's recommended to cut your garments a little bit away from the selvedge. 

The Warp is the vertical threads and the weft is the threads that are woven across the fabric.

Can Woven Fabric be stretchy?

Typically there is little give or stretch on the warp or weft, but there is a stretchy area on the diagonal called the bias. When cutting on the bias, be careful not the stretch the fabric. 

A woven fabric with elastane or spandex will have stretch. 

What are the benefits of a Woven Fabric? 

  • Cost effective
  • Can be finished or treated 
  • Generally stronger than non-woven 
  • Flexible but not overly stretchy
  • Retains shape well 

Which Fabrics are Woven?

There are many types of woven fabrics such as Cotton, Rayon, Bamboo Rayon, Crepe, Denim, Organza, Georgette, Muslin and Netting.

If you need help choosing a woven fabric, give us a call or come visit us in the warehouse.