• Feb 14

What is Boiled Wool?

What is Boiled Wool? 

A Boiled Wool garment is a wardrobe investment everyone should make! Boiled wool is characterised by the 'fulling' process it goes through, which gives it the distinct look and feel. 

How is Boiled Wool made?

First the wool is knitted, then it is soaked in a solution where the fibers start to compress, compact and it gives the wool a tighter feel and appearance. The 'fulling' process creates trapped air pockets which are a fantastic buffer against the windy and cold. 

Why is Boiled Wool great to use for sewing garments?

  • The density of the fabric means that it's weather resistant, water droplets just fall off!
  • It can stretch in all directions, it's extremely comfortable and lovely against the skin 
  • It looks smart, neat and tidy. It's not overly bulky when compared to other winter fabrics 
  • The fabric is snug, but still allows your skin to breathe
  • It holds it's appearance and shape well 

What can I make with Boiled Wool?

  • Coats
  • Berets
  • Slippers
  • Hats
  • Bags
  • Long cardigans 

Here's some great blogs to read on Boiled Wool

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How do you look after Boiled Wool?

  • The natural wax in the wool helps to protect against the environment. Please make sure you are gentle when cleaning. 
  • Shake or gently brush off dirt 
  • If you need to wash, hand wash in cold water
  • Do not wring, squeeze or rub

Where can I buy Boiled Wool?

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