Boiled Wool

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Our collection of Boiled Wool online has a distinct look and feel. If you need something to keep you warm, boiled wool is the perfect fabric for you. It’s a purely natural product that is great for Autumn and Winter. Buy boiled wool in Australia from us and you’ll be sure to receive a high quality product at competitive prices.

It's weather resistant, stretches in all directions and allows your skin to breathe. We have a range of classic and earthy colours available for you to choose from. Buy boiled wool as it has a beautiful texture and drapes softly. It’s perfect for coats, vests, winter dresses, and winter skirts.

Boiled wool is created by weaving the wool yarn on a large loom to create a sheet of thick fabric. This sheet is then dyed the desired colour before it’s moved onto fulling. Fulling is where the wool is shocked by placing it in boiling water and an alkaline solution to bond the wool fibres toiled, ergo, ‘boiled’ wool. This process creates the dense, tactile fabric and makes it resistant to wind, water, and fraying.

If you’re searching for boiled wool fabric in Australia, we have you covered as we ship Australia-wide and across New Zealand.

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