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A close-up of a piece of **Super Cheap Fabrics' Calico - 125cm** fabric with a subtle texture, possibly made of cotton or linen. The undyed fabric is folded neatly in one corner, showcasing its smooth surface and light, natural color with tiny speckled details, reminiscent of calico used in mockup garments.

Calico - 125cm

$6.80 AUD$5.44 AUD

Calico is a plain woven fibre that serves as a natural base for your creative fabric projects. The calico fabrics in Australia have a long history of use in making apparel. Calico fabric is versatile, often used for artists' canvas and for tote bags, aprons, patchwork quilts and sample apparel designs. Buying calico fabric online in Australia and utilising it to dye or print for multiple purposes makes this fabric a popular one. We keep the calico fabric in stock to enable you to buy it for your craft or larger textile projects.

We offer calico fabric online in a wide range of colours and textures, so you will get what you need for your next project. Shop our beautiful range of quality calico fabrics online today. We have you covered as we ship Australia-wide and across New Zealand if you need calico fabrics in Australia.

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Our extensive catalogue features a visually delightful selection of calico fabrics that would easily find a place in your closet. Benefit from our super competitive prices because we support your bulk order needs as and when you require a larger quantity of calico fabric for your ongoing manufacturing process.

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