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A close-up image of gray fabric with a white grid pattern. The high-quality Super Cheap Fabrics Linen Rayon Grid - Grey - 145cm is neatly folded, showcasing the intersecting lines that form small squares across the material. This versatile material features a smooth, finely woven texture, ideal for various home decor items.

Linen Rayon Grid - Grey - 145cm

$20.00 AUD$16.00 AUD
Close-up of Linen Rayon Grid - Mustard - 145cm by Super Cheap Fabrics featuring a grid pattern of white lines. The fabric is folded over itself, creating multiple layers and showcasing the intricate designs and texture, perfect for home decor.
Close-up of layered Linen Rayon Grid - Black - 145cm by Super Cheap Fabrics, ideal for garment creations or home decor items. The woven texture and detail are evident, with uniform grids forming a neat, linear design. The layers add depth to the image.
Red and white striped fabric is shown, with one piece neatly folded over itself, displaying a pattern of evenly spaced vertical stripes. The textured material suggests it's a woven blend of Linen Cotton - Pink Stripe - 145cm from Super Cheap Fabrics. The image focuses on the close-up details of the breathable fabric's design and texture.
Lightweight linen fabric featuring an elegant black and white stencil print of lotus flowers, perfect for creating stylish and breathable garments. Ideal for fashion-forward individuals looking to make a statement.
A close-up image of Upholstery Jacquard - Dusk - 145cm with a modern, abstract pattern. The fabric has a vertical streak design in shades of grey and light gold, creating a textured and dynamic appearance. Part of our affordable range from Super Cheap Fabrics, this durable stylish fabric is perfect for any interior project.
Close-up image of textured Upholstery Jacquard - Aqua featuring a blend of teal and beige colors with a subtle wavy pattern. The fabric is folded, showcasing its intricate weaving and pattern from different angles, highlighting the qualities of durable fabrics within an affordable range by Super Cheap Fabrics.
Close-up image of a folded piece of Canvas - Pageant Blue - 150cm from Super Cheap Fabrics with a fine, textured weave pattern. The material appears smooth and neatly pressed, showcasing a subtle, elegant texture. The fold creates a slight shadow, enhancing the depth and detail of the upholstery fabric.

Canvas - Pageant Blue - 150cm

$30.00 AUD$24.00 AUD
A close-up of Linen Cotton - Fuzz - 147cm by Super Cheap Fabrics featuring a bold, colorful pattern with concentric circles. The circles are in shades of magenta, gray, and dark green with a white background, creating a vibrant and eye-catching design. The breathable fabric appears to be folded, showing multiple layers.

Linen Cotton - Fuzz - 147cm

$20.00 AUD$16.00 AUD
Close-up of a folded lightweight fabric featuring a pattern of small random white dots on a green background, with scattered large turquoise floral shapes. The texture of the fabric appears slightly rough, and the colors are vibrant. The fabric is "Printed Linen - Spatter - 140cm" by Super Cheap Fabrics.

Printed Linen - Spatter - 140cm

$16.90 AUD$13.52 AUD
Shop the full range of stunning linen fabrics online with Super Cheap Fabrics. Linen is one of the most popular natural fabrics that create such comfortable, cool clothes. We've got heaps of colours and prints available with new fabrics arriving all the time!

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