• Mar 15

All about Knit Fabrics

What is Knit Fabric?

Knitted fabric is constructed from yarn that has been interlinked or interlocked. The size of the stitch will determine how chunky or delicate the fabric is along with the size of the needles and the thickness of the yarn. 

What's the difference between a knit and woven fabric? 

The knit is constructed with a single yarn which is looped continuously whereas a woven fabric is constructed with multiple yarns which are crossed over at right angles. 

Knit fabrics will have stretch as a natural property of the fabric where as for a woven fabric to have stretch, it must incorporate elastane, spandex etc. to have stretch. 

So what is Jersey Fabric?

Jersey is the generic word used to describe many types of knit fabrics. 

What are the different types of knitted or jersey fabrics? 

Interlock Jersey 

This is a double-faced knitted fabric, which means it is made from two interconnected rib fabrics. It's plain on both sides and usually a heavier weight. 

Single Jersey 

This features a plain knit on one side and a purl knit on the reverse. 

Sweatshirt Fabric

This features a plain jersey face side and a brushed loop-back reverse which makes it soft and warm. 

Rib Fabric 

This fabric features a different style of looping which gives it great stretch and recovery. It is commonly used for cuff and waist bands.

ITY Knit 

This opaque fabric has been named the 'workhorse' fabric, it's made to be washed and worn many times. It has great elasticity and a soft touch. This medium weight fabric is the perfect weight for tops, dresses skirts and loose pants.

Where can I buy Knit and Jersey Fabrics?

How do I know how much stretch a knit has? 

Use a stretch percentage ruler, this will indicate the stretch length and give you an idea of how much the fabric will stretch. If you're buying from Super Cheap Fabrics and it's not listed you can send us a message.  

What can I make with Knitted or Jersey Fabrics? 

You can sew a range of clothing, most common are long sleeve tops, jumpers, cardigans and dresses. There are also summer knits which are a lighter weight, breathable type of knit which is suitable for warm weather. Here are some sewing patterns and inspirational images to help! 

How do I sew with Knit and Jersey Fabric? 

  • Prewash your fabric
  • When cutting, lay it flat and do not stretch the fabric or let it hang over the edge of the table as this can cause stretching
  • Use a ballpoint or stretch specific needle
  • Use a straight or zig zag stitch
  • Try not to stretch the fabric as you sew, check out some google images of what it looks like when you stretch vs dont stretch during sewing a knit fabric
  • A walking foot can help with sewing
  • Buy extra fabric and do some testing
  • Jersey knit will not fray or unravel