• Feb 09

Which fabric is best for Embroidery?

One of the most commonly asked questions about sewing is 'what fabric can I use for embroidery?' 

When looking for fabric to use for embroidery, the best type is one that is a medium weight, tightly woven and has a lovely even surface. Some commonly used fabrics include Cotton, Canvas, Linen, Denim and Rayon. Fabrics that have stretch can cause your design to distort, so it's best to stay away from stretchy fabrics such as knits. 

The weight (GSM) weave and stretch can all have an impact on your design. It's important to note that although you do need a tightly woven fabric, there still needs to be room for the needle to pass through. 

Here are some tips for working with your fabric:

  • Pre-shrink your fabric
  • Do a test run on another piece of fabric if you've never used the fabric before, this especially applies to denim 
  • Satin can be a challenge to work with, make sure you use a sharp needle and stabiliser

Here's some of our favourite fabrics for Embroidery: